A mutated kangaroo, formerly a successful toy designer of "products Santa would've sacrificed a reindeer for," and presently Tank Girl's devoted boyfriend. She met him when he snuck into her tank one night to pinch a pair of her underwear (his initiation to join a gang called Pemphigus Scooter Club Gang Boys). He is a big Dame Edna fan and once impersonated Bill Clinton. Booga, often against his will, always does the cooking, particularly the great British institution of tea. He follows Tank Girl everywhere and does, by his own admission, whatever she tells him. This includes murder.


In the 1995 Movie Booga is a member of a group known as the Rippers, mutated kangoroos once created as an experiment for the ultimate super-soldier by a scientist known as Johnny Prophet.In contrast to his fellow Rippers however Booga was no human before his "reincarnation", but a dog. In the Movie Booga is more soft and kind-hearted and far less cool and violent than in the comics.


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